Standard languages

English · French · Italian · Spanish · German · Dutch · Flemish · Russian · Ukrainian · Belorussian · Portuguese · Maltese · Norwegian · Swedish · Danish · Finnish · Latvian · Lithuanian · Estonian · Hungarian · Rumanian · Gaelic · Slovenian · Greek · Turkish · Catalan · Japanese · Korean · Malay · Vietnamese · Chinese · Icelandic · Hebrew · Arabic · Polish · Azerbaijani · Czech · Slovak · Bulgarian · Croatian · Serbian · Bosnian · Albanian · Macedonian, etc.

Technology, natural sciences and IT
  • Operating instructions
  • Research reports
  • Procedural instructions
  • Data sheets
  • Software localisation
  • Expert opinions, etc. 
Legal and business texts
  • Articles of association
  • Trade agreements
  • Service contracts
  • Licence agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Annual financial statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Accounting
  • Company valuations
  • EU directives and regulations
  • Legislative texts
  • Patents
  • Statements of claim
  • Defence statements
  • Other litigation documents, etc.
Medicine and medical technology
  • Package leaflets for medicinal products and medical devices
  • Clinical studies
  • Validation reports
  • Approval documentation
  • Technical documentation
  • Press releases
  • Product brochures, etc.
PR, marketing and advertising texts

Presentations, websites, image brochures, press releases, etc.






Politics, culture and education

 Treaties, speeches, art books, teaching materials, etc.






File formats
  • All MS Office formats
  • HTML, PHP, XML, xliff
  • InDesign, Pagemaker, Framemaker
  • QuarkXpress, Quicksilver, Freehand
  • AutoCAD
  • PDF, JPEG, TIF or hard copies
  • Other file formats


Data security
  • Fail-safe IT infrastructure
  • SSL certificate with 256-bit encryption
  • RSA, DSA and ECC encryption
  • Norton Secured Seal
  • Convenient uploading and downloading options
  • Secure means of transmitting highly sensitive documents
  • VPN tunnel and CAT infrastructure so highly confidential documents can be processed within the network without them having to be forwarded
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Our specialist departments Medicine and Medical Technology (flexword Specialist Medical Translations), Technology, Natural Sciences and IT (flexword Specialist Engineering Translations) and Business and Law (flexword Specialist Legal Translations) each have their own specialised translators, proofreaders and professional experts. 

Thanks to our many years of experience, we successfully carry out highly complex multilingual translation projects, including "exotic" languages.

Academically trained specialist translators

Our translators are required to meet the highest of standards: we only employ trained professional translators or equivalently qualified, academically trained translators who are native speakers of the target language. (native speaker principle). In addition, our translators have many years of translation experience and first-rate references.

Specialised translators for every specialist field

By applying these criteria, we guarantee you a continually high level of quality in all European and non-European languages. Whether instruction manuals, contracts, advertising texts, medical reports or software localisation,– we provide specialist, highly qualified translators for every field.


Translation according to EN ISO 17100 for translation services

We attach great importance to providing translations in accordance with EN ISO 17100 for translation services to ensure that every translation is as authentic and correct as the original.

Express and over-night translations

Through our locations in Germany, the UK, the US and Serbia and our worldwide network of translators and proofreaders, we can also complete urgent, large-volume assignments for you professionally and reliably within a very short time as an express translation or over-night translation..

Guaranteed processing time
approximately 3000 words within 3-4 working days

Average processing time
approximately 4000 words per working day (+1-2 days lead time) for all standard languages

Express translations
4000 pro words per working day (+1-2 days lead time)

Maximum translation capacities

Depending on file format and language combination: up to approximately 50,000 words per day (+ 2-3 days lead time)

CAT tools: SDL Trados, Across, MemoQ, Transit, etc.

CAT tools developed specifically for the professional translation workflow (computer-aided translation systems) ensure terminology consistency, support data management and –processing in large and follow-up projects and enable all kinds of file formats such as HTML, Word, Excel, InDesign, Framemaker or Quicksilver to be processed safely.

Confidential documents, data protection

A special secure transfer system is naturally available for you, transferring sensitive data with the highest level of confidentiality.

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