Translation Memory Systems (CAT)


  • Advice on choosing the optimum CAT system for your company
  • Development of translation workflows optimised to suit your corporate structure with or without using CAT systems
  • Advice on devising competence structures
  • Back-up and support with introducing CAT systems
  • Advice during the CAT implementation phase
  • Training internal and external team members


Translation management


  • Determination of optimisation potential by analysing existing translation workflows and individual translation steps
  • Optimisation of translation workflows according to individual corporate requirements
  • Development of all-round translation management systems tailored to the corporate structure with or without using CAT systems
  • Advice on devising competence structures
  • Back-up and support with incorporating applications for translation management, translation engineering, content management systems, document management
  • Advice during the implementation phase
  • Coaching internal and external project teams


Technical documentation


  • Determination of corporate requirements and target definition
  • Analysis of existing documentation and determination of optimisation potential
  • Development of strategies to optimally prepare for multi-lingual translations
  • Advice on editing and translation tools
  • Development of editing and translation workflows
  • Advice on strategies for selecting editing and translation teams
  • Coaching internal and external team members


Project and process management


  • Organisational and process consulting
  • Project management
  • Set-up and control of PMO
  • Project controlling
  • Project management coaching
  • Interim management
  • Management accounting


Quality management


  • Analysis of organisational and quality management structure
  • Determination of optimisation potential according to corporate requirements
  • Advice and support with developing quality management processes
  • Advice and support  with introducing quality management processes
  • Organisational and process consulting
  • Quality management handbook
  • Supplier management as a quality management sub-process


Consulting ITC infrastructure

Advice and support with optimising, developing, monitoring and extending the IT architecture,  IT strategy, infrastructure and–IT governance taking into account corporate requirements


  • Establishment, further development and administration of heterogeneous networks
  • Installation and administration of MSSQL servers
  • Connection of corporate entities via VPN
  • Design, implementation and documentation of web systems
  • Microsoft Active Directory/Exchange Migration
  • Server-based computing under Windows terminal servers
  • Project management for the planning/installation of the private automatic branch exchange (PABX)
  • Optimisation of software and hardware solutions, including advice on new investments and upgrades
  • Restructuring, centralisation and administration of the ICT system
  • Virtualisation with Citrix XenServer and VMware